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An anger management plan for the legs

"restarting the calf muscle pump"

By: Michael Gillan long distance running and walking recovery specialist

The Calf Muscle Pump-aching legs relief using Light Manual Muscle Relaxation

The calf muscles play a large part in leg fatigue but they are generally ignored until there are problems with swollen legs, varicose veins, or many other problems which can affect general health over the long term

Activities such as standing, walking, or running can cause muscle tightness or soreness and affect circulation by reducing the legs ability to pump used blood and by-product back to the body for recycling

The Calf Muscle Pump

The calf muscle pump is a little known part of the anatomy that is responsible for circulation, another name for it is the peripheral heart because it is outside the body

The main objective of the pump is to move used blood from the lower legs against gravity back to the body for refreshment with oxygen and other elements that the muscles need to maintain an optimum environment for efficient working

The main motors that provide the power for the it are the calf muscles-they are Soleus which is primarily used for standing upright, and Gastrocnemius used for running and jumping

As the muscles move, they increase and decrease pressure on the venous vessel walls which have one-way valves in them, these open to let the blood pass through them, and close to prevent the blood flowing back towards the feet

To keep the circulation in the lower legs going, a similar volume should be pumped out of the legs as flows into them When the muscles are not doing their job properly they become incompetent and the pump becomes inefficient and the circulation slows and there is less movement of fluids

Used fluid remains trapped in the lower legs and restricts the supply of fresh oxygen filled blood to the muscle tissues which they need to maintain optimum performance, without it, they quickly fatigue

If poor lower leg circulation continues, they can become chronic A result of calf muscle inefficiency You have been on your legs for hours working, or been out running, walking or even just sitting down, and your legs are tired, ankles swollen, feet are throbbing and varicose veins are itching-you have put your muscles into the position of being angry

Unfortunately, you have a similar day tomorrow and are wondering how you are going to get through that when your legs have not even recovered from today!

The calf muscles also can play a part in their own rehabilitation if they are used effectively

What is Light Manual Muscle Relaxation?

It is a leg servicing system developed for ultra marathon runners and walkers recovery and has been tested on long distance events worldwide (ultra marathon is any distance over marathon-42.19 kilometers/26.385 miles) It is the latest in non-technical, non-invasive 'cutting edge' solutions to fatigued aching legs relief

The advantages of using this system are

Do It Yourself recovery

  • No disrobing

  • Works with the muscles not on them

  • No oil used

  • Non invasive

  • User friendly

A tested Trusted Alternative-for aching legs relief, anything else is a luxury or not necessary


For many years Coburg Harriers has conducted the Victorian 24 hour Track Championship and the Australian Centurion 24 Hour Race Walk, the overall event being the Coburg 24 Hour Carnival, which also includes a separate 6 Hour run/walk event. This type of event is very demanding on Competitors, and each year, in addition to First Aid support, we seek to have the services of a masseur who can work on tired legs and also treat blisters in order to keep entrants on the track.

We have been privileged for many years to have had the voluntary services of Michael Gillan who with his techniques is able to coax renewed life from extremely tired muscles and legs to get athletes back on the track when they were thinking that they would have to retire.

Michael has a very well deserved reputation in the "Ultra" running and walking fraternity who look forward to his presence at our events as they know he gets results without causing further injury with his treatments. It is rewarding to see exhausted competitors come from the track in the early hours of the morning, convinced that they are unable to continue, only to see them return to the event after being treated by Michael.

Our Organising Committee at Coburg is grateful to Michael for his dedication to the sport and can commend his techniques to Athletes. Yours Sincerely, Bernie Goggin Raceday Director / Referee Coburg 24 Hour Carnival 2009

 Recovery after Exercise

 Michael Gillan is a recovery specialist in long distance marathon running and walking

He has worked in countries around the world







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